Become a pro at AXE throwing!

AXE THROWING….. try it out and see for yourself how much fun you can have!!

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AXE THROWING….. I know you are thinking it looks and sound a little crazy to be throwing sharp objects – that is why you have to book and come and try it out and see for yourself how much fun you can have!!

Axe throwing as a modern sport involves a competitor throwing an axe at a target, attempting to hit the bullseye as near as possible.  Axe throwing is a great skill as you can achieve better co-ordination, agility, strength and endurance.  And don’t think you are not able to throw an axe – you sure can!! Once you land your first bullseye you will be hooked!

Axe throwing improves your reaction times, but also helps you relax after a stressful day.  That is especially one of the great things about axe throwing as it helps you get out of your own head and learn a new skill that is engaging and exciting. This helps take your mind off from every day stress and lower that blood pressure.  And it is cheaper than a therapy session at the physiologist!




IT’S FUN & EASY – It sounds a lot harder that it is and also a lot more dangerous than it is…. Axe throwing is not dangerous – axe catching is….  But anyone can throw an axe!  You will see in no time you will have learnt a new skill and sticking that axe in the bullseye – all while having lots of fun

A GREAT DATE NIGHT IDEA – Come learn how to throw axes together with your significant other and let your inner lumberjack out

TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITY – Challenge your colleagues with a new exciting activity that is way more fun than traditional team building.  Compete against each other to find out who is the undercover Viking that has been hiding in the office all along!

The Axeperience

Rules of the house

We would advise no alcohol before or during this experience and remember you need to wear closed toe shoes and no heels or sandals.  If you have long hair we would advise to tie it back. We are all about the fun but we like safety too. Other than that your can wear whatever makes you comfortable – be it your jeans and t-shirt or your Viking outfit – just remember this is a sporting event so you must be able to move with ease.

Safety is our #1 priority and that is why all sessions start with signing of a liability waiver and going through some do’s and don’ts and safety instructions – then we get to the throwing practice. Once you have sharpened your skills and your aim is set we will get a friendly competition going to see who is the session Champ and earn bragging rights!

If any participants are not following the rules, we reserve the right to ask that person to leave with no refund.

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Axeperience Spot

You need to book ahead – no walk-ins allowed.  Please check our website for schedule and availability.  For team building or event bookings please contact us direct at 078 202 7821 or

 The AXEperience – Bringing people together one bullseye at a time

And last but not least – you will want to remember your first bullseye – so please take as much photos and videos as you like and please remember to tag us on Instagram, Facebook & Tiktok  #theaxeperience

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  • No open toe shoes – all participants must wear closed toe shoes – no heels/sandals
  • Everyone must sign a waiver before throwing
  • Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian
  • Follow all safety instructions provided by staff
  • Always check surroundings before throwing any axe
  • Keep hands off the fencing
  • Only one axe per lane/target
  • No juggling axes or horseplay of any kind
  • Inform staff of any injury, broken targets or broken axes
  • Intoxicated participants will be asked to leave the premises
  • Do not be an axe-hole – any violation of the rules or damages to premises or equipment will result in dismissal with no refund
  • Splinters are free as well as band-aids
  • Have FUN